Junior Entrepreneur Programme

2019: We are delighted to be doing the Junior Entrepreneur Programme again. 5th & 6th have been busy thinking of different ideas:

2016/17: Sweet Bunny Treats… they are selling well.

The different groups all had different ideas for things to make and sell.

“The Junior Entrepreneur Programme (JEP) is an entrepreneurial awareness and skills enhancement programme for Primary School children. The programme aims to help children recognise enterprise and entrepreneurship and to foster an awareness and understanding of the entrepreneur’s role in the community, therefore empowering the child to start to think and act with the initiative, creativity and independence that are invaluable in the modern world. The programme is embedded in the principles of the Primary School Curriculum and utilises an integrated teaching and project-based approach to teach many strands of the Primary Curriculum.” From the JEP website (http://www.juniorentrepreneur.ie)

5th and 6th class will be following the programme over the coming months.