7th September, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian

I am writing to you to advise you of certain procedures that will apply if a pupil in our school tests positive for Covid-19. If that were to occur, the Public Health Department of the HSE will carry out a Public Health Risk Assessment and will decide on the appropriate actions to be taken. The school does not have a direct role in this decision-making process. 

The Public Health Risk Assessment may indicate that contact tracing is necessary. To facilitate this, the school may be asked to furnish the names and contact details of pupils (and their parents/guardians) who are close contacts of a confirmed case. If this information is requested by the Public Health Department of the HSE, the school will process the information in compliance with data protection laws*. The information will be given in a secure manner, only to named individuals and only the information necessary for the contact tracing will be given. It is the HSE and not the school, who will carry out any necessary contact tracing.

Yours Sincerely,

Secretary, Board of Management

*Articles 6(1)(c) (processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation) and 9(2)(i) (processing is for public interest reasons in the area of public health) of the GDPR.

Advice for parents EN-page-001Information from HSE for parents-page-002Information from HSE for parents-page-001

 13th August 2020

Dear Parent(s), 

It is intended that Caherconlish NS will re-open for every child on Thursday 27th August
at 9 a.m.
It is up to us all as a school community to work together to minimise the risk of Covid 19 infection in our school.
Only essential personnel will be permitted to enter the school grounds and

We will be encouraging parents to ‘drop and go’ at the school gate to minimise congregation of people and to adhere to Social Distancing Guidelines.

We will be accepting pupils from 8.50 a.m. directly to their classes. There will be no
assembly of pupils/parents in the school yard under any circumstances. Every class will
be assigned a door to enter and exit the school building at all times. These will be
clearly displayed. Staff will be on hand for the first few mornings to escort pupils to their
Junior Infants: We extend a warm welcome to our new Junior infants. Junior Infants
will be met on their first day at the school gate by their teacher Ms. Mann and other
staff members.

These are the entry points for each class groups:
· Junior infants: Front door
· Senior infants: Front door
· 1st & 2nd : Front GP Door
· 3rd & 4th : Door at left hand side of School Building
· 5th & 6th : GP Back door

All classes will be regarded as bubbles and will have pods (or groups of pupils) within
them who will be socially distancing as much as possible.

All staff will wear masks/visors except when socially distanced from all others in class.
At present children will not be required to wear masks but will be accommodated if they
wish to do so.

Please drop and go when dropping and collecting your child.

Visitors/Parents will NOT be allowed in the school building unless by appointment and with the approval of the school principal.
Only essential workers are allowed into the school building. This may include HSE
workers etc.
Staggered breaks and lunch times will apply where needed. All classes/bubbles will
have their own play area.

All classrooms will have sanitisation points and sinks for hand washing. We strongly
encourage each pupil to have their own individual hand sanitiser bottle for use.
All classrooms will be cleaned daily using HSE approved fogger which will sanitise

Please do not send your child to school if displaying any symptoms of
Coronavirus: https://www2.hse.ie/conditions/coronavirus/symptoms.html.If a child is
displaying any symptoms during school hours parents will be contacted and must collect
their child from school immediately. The school will be following current HSE guidelines.
All before and after school classes, indoor & outdoor activities and classes are
suspended until further notice.

There will be no school assemblies in the GP Hall.

Storage Boxes: Children’s books and copies will be stored in individual 24 litre boxes
in the classroom under the desks.These boxes are already on the booklist for pupils
from 3rd to 6th class.They will now be required for all other children in the school. The
school will be ordering these boxes in bulk to minimise cost to parents.
Pupils will need all their own supplies- pencils, colours etc. Pupils will not be allowed to
share these. Please ensure your child’s name is on all their belongings and stationary.

Uniforms: Children will wear uniforms as normal. Pupils are strongly encouraged to
take off their uniforms straight after school and wash it as often as possible.

Lunch boxes: Will come and go from school as normal. Younger pupils need to bring
lunches and drinks which they can open themselves.
If your child can not tie their own laces, velcro shoes need to be worn.
Coats will be stored on the backs of chairs as will school bags.

Posters will be displayed around the school to remind pupils regarding hand washing,
social distancing and cough etiquette.
Markings will be put in the school yard to show pupils 2m distances.

Pupils in the very high risk category should contact the school immediately to discuss
appropriate arrangements, see definition in the following link

Communication: If you wish to speak to a teacher, an appointment can be arranged by
telephoning the school office 061 – 351844. Maria is at the school between 8.30 am
and 12.30 pm Monday to Friday. Emails for each teacher will be made available at a
later date.

In the meantime, email office@caherconlishns.ie or principal@caherconlishns.ie if you have any queries.

Book Rental/Art & Craft Supplies: Monies can be placed in a sealed envelope and
given to the class teacher. Receipts will be issued. Refer to book lists on school website

It is vital that as stated at the beginning of this letter, that we all work as a school
community to prevent the risk of Covid 19 infection in our school.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Kind Regards
Pa Ryan

                                                                                                              Thursday 18th June 2020

Report Cards/Booklists:

End of Year Report Cards are being posted out this week with booklists and school calendar for next year. Booklists will also be posted on school website www.caherconlishns.ie.

Book Rental 2020/2021
We will be running the book rental scheme next year again. The cost is €10 for pupils from Junior Infants to 2nd class and €20 for pupils from 3rd to 6th class. This can be paid on or before Tuesday 1st September.

Calendar 2020/2021 and date of return to school
The school calendar for 2020/2021 is provisional depending on advice from Department of Education and Skills and the date all children are returning to Caherconlish NS is Thursday 27th August

Junior Infants
We are very excited about meeting the new Junior Infants this year. School starts for them at 9am on Thursday 27th August and finishes at 12 noon until Friday 4th September. After that, they will finish at the normal time of 1.40pm.
Uniform for Junior and Senior Infants is school tracksuit only and this is available from Fennessy’s, William St. Limerick.

POD Forms (Primary Online Database) for Junior Infants
Can outstanding forms please be returned to school as soon as possible.

Teachers 2020/2021
Junior Infants – Ms Mann will be covering Ms. Butler’s Maternity Leave from the start of the school year.
Senior Infants – Ms. Blackwell
1st & 2nd Class – Ms. Mulcahy
3rd & 4th Class – Mr. Ryan
5th & 6th Class – Mr. Tynan
Special Education Teachers – Ms. McKeon, Ms. Cleary & Ms. Jones.

Confirmation and Communion
We have no update at this time regarding dates for either of these two ceremonies. I will keep in touch via text during the summer with updates.

On behalf of all the staff of the school, we say farewell and good luck to fifteen 6th Class pupils who are leaving Caherconlish NS for the final time this year. We will miss you all. I’m sure you will all excel in every aspect of life in Post-Primary School. Mr. Tynan has arranged an online Graduation which will take place on Monday evening 22nd June. Mr. Tynan will send a link in due course.

Make I take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy summer holidays!

Best Wishes

Pa Ryan (Principal)



Confirmation 2020


Dear Parents/Guardians, 
The school has received the following information regarding Confirmation 2020 from the
Archbishop of Cashel and Emly:
Several members of the Council of priests have been meeting to discuss the outcome of
confirmation for this year’s candidates.
A provisional timeframe has been set for those awaiting confirmation to receive the
sacrament in late summer – Although no precise dates can be given at this time.
The ceremonies will be kept small and will include: candidates, parents, sponsors and
members of school staff.
In preparation for the ceremony, a list of candidates with parent/guardian contact
information is required to register your child for the sacrament of Confirmation before 18th June 2020.
Please email the following information to davidt@caherconlishns.ie
Yours Sincerely,
Mr. David Tynan.

1. Phone: ___________________
2. Email: ___________________
3. Name of child to receive confirmation: ___________________
4. Declaration: I agree to have this information retained solely for the organisation and
administration of the sacrament of Confirmation.
Signed: ________________


Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

As we approach the final few weeks of what would have been the last term at school, I’d like to bring the following to your attention:

  1. Classwork has been posted today on our website by class teachers. There is also schoolwork posted for pupils who attend various groups with the Special Education Team.
  2. Communion/Confirmation. There has been an article posted on social media asking parents to register online if their child/children intend making their first holy Communion. This is for schools in the Limerick diocese. As Caherconlish NS is in the diocese of Cashel and Emly, this does not apply to our school. Therefore, at this point in time you do NOT need to register your child/children.
  3. Graduation- Plans are underway for a 6th Class Graduation this Year. Details to follow.
  4. School Reports and Booklists 2020 – Teachers are currently working on these documents. These will be posted home towards the end of June.
  5. School Photographs – Photographs will be available for collection from the school in due course.
  6. Book Rental: We will be arranging for books to be dropped back to school on a class by class basis also. Notifications will be sent by text.

Hope you are all safe and well. If you have any queries/questions, please don’t hesitate to email: principal@caherconlishns.ie


Pa Ryan

Junior Infants home activities 2 June

Senior Infants 2nd June

Senior Infants DolchWord List

1st and 2nd Class 2nd June

3rd Class Work 2nd June

4th Class Work 2nd June

5th class Work 2nd June

6th Class Work 2nd June

18th May 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Today the teachers have posted suggested schoolwork to be completed at home if possible from now until the end of May.

We have yet to receive guidance from The Department of Education and Skills on what school life will be like on our return to school for Academic Year 2020/2021. As soon as we know, we will let you know.

Welcome back to Ms. Mulcahy who re-joins the teaching staff after her Maternity Leave and replaces Ms. Mann. Thanks to Ms. Mann for teaching  1st and 2nd Class  for the last few months, for preparing the pupils for the Sacrament of First Confession, First Holy Communion and for coaching the school Camogie Team.

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to email me: principal@caherconlishns.ie

Pa Ryan (Principal)

Junior Infants Home Activities for Junior Infants 18th May 2020

Junior Infants – my book-of-space-words

Senior Infants Art

Senior Infants Work Monday 18th May 2020

Senior Infants – DolchWord_List

1st and 2nd Class Work Monday 18th May 2020

3rd Class Work Monday 18th May 2020

4th Class Work Monday 18th May 2020

5th Class Work Monday 18th May 2020

6th Class Work Monday 18th May 2020

Dear Parents,                                                                                                    5th May 2020

As I’m sure you are aware by now, we will not be returning to school this term. This is a disappointing but necessary step that the government has decided to take.

This week was to be a very special one for the whole school with the children in 2nd class making their First Holy Communion and those in 5th and 6th Class making their Confirmation. These ceremonies will take place at a later date and I have no doubt will be extra special when they do happen.

The teachers have posted work for the children on our website today (see below). They will continue to engage with the pupils through the “SEESAW” App for the remainder of the school year. There is suitable schoolwork posted for pupils who are attending SET in groups on this website under the tab SET. 

If you need assistance or have any queries don’t hesitate to contact me principal@caherconlishns.ie

Information updates will be posted on our school website, twitter and facebook page.

Stay safe everyone.


Mr. P. Ryan

Juniors Work Tuesday 5th May 2020


Seniors Class Work Tuesday 5th May 2020

Seniors home activities 4

Seniors Dolch Word_List

1st and 2nd Class Work Tuesday 5th May 2020

1st and 2nd butterfly colouring activity

1st and 2nd butterfly-life-cycle-reading-comprehension-activity

1st and 2nd caterpillar and butterfly facts

1st and 2nd life-cycle-of-a-butterfly-writing activity

1st and 2nd Summer Free Writing

1st and 2nd Summer Wordsearch

1st and 2nd summer-in-ireland-reading activity

1st and 2nd summer-oral-language

3rd Class Work Tuesday 5th May 2020

4th Class Work Tuesday 5th May 2020

5th & 6th Class Work Tuesday 5th May 2020


Dear Parent(s)/ Guardians, 

The Department of Education and Skills has cancelled all Standardised Tests for the 2019/2020 School Year.

This means pupils from 1st to 6th class will not be undertaking Sigma-T (Maths) or Micra- T (English) as they normally would at the beginning of June every year.

The Department of Education and Skills said:

‘The priority in these times is to support the learning and wellbeing of all our learners. This is not an easy time for teachers, learners and their families. When schools return the focus for teachers and the whole school community will be on settling the children and returning to normality in the classroom without the added pressure of having to undertake standardised tests.’ 


Mr. Pa Ryan

Dear Parent(s),                                                                                                           April 20th 2020

The teachers in the school have been busy preparing appropriate and suitable schoolwork for your child/children to complete during the final term of this school year. I have been in contact with all of them and we have discussed ways to cater for the learning needs of your child/children.

Below you will find a two week plan of work from each teacher which will bring us up to the May Bank Holiday Weekend.

 Many of you have signed up for the seesaw app and it is still not too late to do so. Email principal@caherconlishns.ie for access codes.

I wholly understand as do the teachers how difficult it is for pupils to work from home for an undefined period of time and that everyone has different priorities during these unprecedented times. We also understand completely how difficult it is for parents at this time. Don’t feel under pressure to complete everything if that is not possible.

 The staff of the school miss teaching your children just as much as your children are missing school.  Don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher through the seesaw app or email me directly if you have any queries or concerns.

If you don’t have the schoolbooks, most publishers are allowing free access to their books online.

Sacraments: Archbishop Kieran O Reilly has cancelled all Confirmations in the diocese until further notice. First Holy Communion may  take place at the end of the school year if schools are back sometime this term.

The most important thing at the moment is that everyone tries to stay as  safe as possible.


Mr. Pa Ryan

Junior Infants Home Activities Monday 27th April 

Junior Infants My-Covid-19-Time-Capsule

Senior Infants home activities Monday 20th April

Senior Infants Gaeilge Monday 20th April

Senior Infants My-Covid-19-Time-Capsule

Work for 1st and 2nd Class Monday 20th April

Work for 3rd Class Monday 20th April

Work for 4th Class Monday 20th April

Work for 5th/6th Class Monday 20th April


Please find lists of work for next week (30th March – 3rd April) for all classes:

Junior Infants Home Activities 30th March to 3rd April

Senior Infants Home Activities 30th March to 3rd April

1st and 2nd Classwork – 30th Mar- 3rd Apr

3rd and 4th Classwork 30th March to 3rd April

5th and 6th Classwork 30th March to 3rd April


Dear Parent(s),                                                                                                         24th March 2020

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well. Caherconlish NS has been informed that the enforced closure due to the Global Pandemic Covid 19 will now be extended until at least 19th April. With this in mind, teachers will be posting schoolwork on our website for your children to do next week as they did on day of school closure.

We will also be setting up a distance learning tool called seesaw for all pupils. This will mean that your child’s teacher will be able to connect to your child via his/her learning in the immediate future in a fun and exciting way.

Due to GDPR regulations, parental permission is required to set up this distance learning app. Please read the consent form below. If you are happy to consent: email principal@caherconlishns.ie with your child’s name and class. I will ensure everything is set up for you. (some parents have signed consent forms already and do not need to do so again).

I understand that many households are under pressure at this time. The schoolwork listed and connection to the app is not compulsory. It is just a suggested list of schoolwork to complete. All the teachers in the school understand that many families may have other priorities at this uncertain time. We understand too that households may not necessarily have the required electronic devices to complete the schoolwork.

If you have any queries or questions, don’t hesitate to email: principal@caherconlishns.ie

Stay safe and look out for each other and remember to email me to if you give permission for your child to use the seesaw app.

Mr. P. Ryan

Dear Parents:                                                                                   24th March 2020

I am delighted to share with you that our school will be using Seesaw as a distance learning tool for the duration of the school closure due to the Global Pandemic Covid 19.(http://seesaw.me), a secure online journal where students can document and reflect on what they are learning at home. It is a way of connecting to your child’s class teacher. Your child will be able to add the things we work on (including photos, videos, worksheets, drawings and voice recordings) to their Seesaw journal and we can share them privately with you 

In order for your child to use Seesaw, the app needs your child’s name in order to be able to associate work like their photos, videos or voice recordings with their account. Seesaw only uses this information to provide the service and doesn’t advertise in Seesaw, create profiles of students, or share or sell your child’s personal information or journal content.  You can read more about their strong privacy promises here: https://web.seesaw.me/privacy.

Under an EU law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in order for your child to use Seesaw, the school must get your consent. For more information on GDPR, please visit https://ec.europa.eu/info/law/law-topic/data-protection/reform/rights-citizens

I hope that your child will enjoy using Seesaw to document and share their learning.  Please sign below and return this permission slip so that your child can use Seesaw. 


Mr. P. Ryan (Principal)


Please sign below and return the form. 

I give consent for my child, listed below, to use Seesaw for class activities.

Student Name: ____________________________

Parent Printed Name: _______________________

Parent Signature: __________________________  Date: _________________



Due to school closing class teachers have assigned work to be completed during this time period. For copy of these lists please click on relevant class:

Junior and Senior Infants

1st and 2nd Class

3rd and 4th Class

5th class

6th class (2)

Also some useful links 


www.irishhomework.ie  (Free until the end of the year 5th & 6th class)


www.twinkl.ie     (Very useful resources and is free for a month)

Juniors Apps:

Froggy Match it

Teach your monster to read

Splash Maths



Congratulations to our East Limerick Camogie champions. Well done girls and Ms Mann.


5th & 6th class  went to Lough Gur to do a workshop as part of Engineers Week.

World Book Day

The costumes were fantastic, well done to all:

The theme this month for Aistear in Junior & Senior Infants is ‘The Emergency Services’


Happy Chinese New Year from 1st & 2nd class


5th & 6th class put their heart and soul into today’s science lesson. Some pupils preferred to not look at the real thing.

Handwriting heroes in 1st & 2nd class


Junior Infants were busy at art time.

5th & 6th made windmills to measure the weather warnings 


Junior Infants had a busy day in A & E.

What an amazing show we had before Christmas. The Magic of the Musical!!!

A big thank you to Nancy Lane, Mike Bourke assisted by Ashlinn Crofton for organising a fantastic Gala Concert held last week in the Millennium Centre. It was a great success.

We have some great artists throughout the school.


Junior Infants were busy with Ready Set Go Maths and sounds in our environment lesson, followed by painting.





Zumba with Ms Byrnes.



Thanks To Chris for continuing with the coding every week for all the classes. Junior and Senior Infants enjoy playing with various robotics, the rest of the classes are coding using Scratch.





Junior Infants getting ready to go home.




Well done to the girls who took part in a camogie blitz in Laurel Hill Secondary School.


Senior Infants were drawing a picture of themselves.




Well done to our pupils who sang at the celebration of Fr Roy and Fr Currivan anniversaries. They were superb.



Literacy Lift Off is taking place in 1st & 2nd class.





Guitar lessons continue after school with Miss Cleary.




For all 6th class parents, below is a list of the open days for Post Primary Schools In Limerick City.0001

We received our GAA 5 star centre flag. The GAA 5 Star initiative aims to support and recognise Primary Schools that provide pupils with 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous Gaelic Games activity per week in a manner that ensures the children will experience fun, friendship, fairness and ultimately improve their fitness.  Recognition as a “GAA 5 Star Centre” is awarded to Primary Schools that undertake to deliver a programme of Gaelic Games activity that is age-appropriate and meets the developmental needs of children within the school. We are extra proud as we won both the boys football and hurling East Limerick Finals in the Gaelic Grounds this year.





The Wriggle bus was very popular with all the pupils:









4th class had a great morning making their own pizza at Milanos.










We are all enjoying coding. Thanks to Chris for teaching us!










Senior Infants are enjoying Literacy Lift off.

What a busy January we had:

Chess club, Literacy Lift Off carried on in 1st & 2nd class, cycling in 5th & 6th class, Creative Schools, Irish dancing with Nancy, shared reading, maths stations, GAA 5 star coaching with James Ryan, Peace Proms, weekly visit from the Limerick Library, fantastic art …WOW.

Next month, even more is happening: Ms Cleary is starting teaching guitar after school, Mike Boland is doing hurling training, coding is starting in 1st – 4th class as well as the 3rd & 4th learning to play the ukulele.









December was a very busy month, Santa  and Mrs Claus came to visit, we had our school concert and enjoyed getting ready for Christmas. To see all our photos click here

Junior and Senior Infants went to see ‘Little Boo Peep lost her Sheep’ in the Friars Gate Theatre, Kilmallock.

1st – 6th class went to University Concert Hall to see Snow White. It is a fabulous show!

Thank you to all the staff and pupils for a fantastic Christmas Concert. There was a huge turn-out, thank you to everyone who supported the concert and donated prizes for our raffle.









5th & 6th class doing Observational Art.









We’ve had a busy few days, some of the highlights are enjoying yoghurts donated by Glenisk, which we all loved, while continuing the Food Dudes.

The Infants celebrated World Kindness Day.

We were delighted to donate 100 Shoe boxes for Team Hope, thank you to all who helped.

Vitruvian Man principal  – does height equal arm span and does length of shoulders equal one quarter of height.

5th & 6th class tested this out.

What fantastic costumes for our Halloween Cheerio Breakfast Day.

Maths Week is going well.

We were delighted to welcome Kate Heelan (past pupil), Meave McCarty, Caroline Hickey and Niamh Holland to school. They are part of the fantastic Junior Ladies football team who won another All Ireland for Limerick. Thanks to them for coming to visit with the cup!!

Literacy stations taking place in the Juniors and Seniors room today…Hugely beneficial as tasks are differentiated to meet the needs of every child and the children have the opportunity to work as part of a small group and independently also.

We were all busy doing lovely art on a wet Friday.

3rd & 4th class wrote about the visit from Sean Finn and the Liam McCarthy Cup!!

We had a fantastic morning welcoming the Liam McCarthy Cup. A special thanks to Sean Finn for coming with the cup. Thanks to all the parents who joined us in the celebration.

1st & 2nd class enjoyed a workshop learning about recycling. Thanks to Sarah for coming in.

Our Juniors and Seniors have settled in very well.

The new school mentors!


1st & 2nd class were busy drawing their Summer selfie pictures on our first day of the new School Year.

Yesterday was a very busy day: 5th & 6th class went on their school tour to Arnacrusha and Footgolf, the girls had a Blitz in Doon and Infants enjoyed reading outside in the sun.

We had a wonderful day at the recent Confirmation. Well done to all who helped on the day.

We had a busy week: the Book Fair arrived, 3rd & 4th class talked about the books they wrote and 1st & 2nd were busy looking after their plants!

Congratulations to 2nd class who made their First Holy Communion.

3rd & 4th made a periscope with Mr Ryan, followed by mirrored writing!

1st & 2nd class enjoyed their first day of Literacy Lift Off.

3rd class had a fun maths class baking buns using the recipe from their maths book! They are yummy!

1st & 2nd are very lucky to have Fergus Grant Stevenson, who is a local jewellery maker and silversmith, in to show them all about working with metals. This will continue for the next few weeks.

World Book Day:

Well done to all the children who dressed up

Colin McNamara from Roadbridge came in to talk to 3rd – 6th class as part of Engineers Week.

Engineers week has started with a bang.. 5th & 6th had to design a bridge, then they made waste paper baskets.

Last Friday, we had shared reading, 3rd & 4th class were busy making their own horses from the ‘Helen of Troy’ story, and Ellen, Taylor, Ellie and Ruth were making chocolate rice krispie cakes.

We had a lovely morning with the Grandparents of the Infants.

We arrived to school with snow on the ground..

3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th class were great doing shared reading with Juniors, Seniors, 1st & 2nd class

5th & 6th were busy making St Brigid’s Cross

5th & 6th are at Mary I College at the RDS Science Fair 2018. This is the 3rd year Caherconlish NS have been in the fair.

The mobile library came to our school. It was great fun looking through all the different books and very comfortable!

Nancy came in to teach us Irish Dancing.

Mr & Mrs Claus came to visit us…

3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th class went to St Michael’s Nursing Home. They sang songs from the Christmas Concert the night before, and made Christmas cards for the residents there. They are a credit to the school!!

The Infants, 1st & 2nd class went to see a panto in Kilmallock called ‘Little Miss Muffets Christmas Caper’. It was fantastic and some of them got a chance to go up on stage. Great performance in a local theatre.

We all had a great time at our Christmas Concert. Well done to all and many thanks to the Parents Association and all who gave donations for our raffle.

Lovely Christmas art and infants enjoying hot chocolate.

We had a visit from Aine teaching us about saving energy.

There was plenty of art done by 1st & 2nd class, getting ready for the snow.

The infants enjoyed designing a poster for the local Caherconlish Caherline Sustainable Energy Community (SEC) Group.





We welcome you to our school website. Our school is situated in the village of Caherconlish, Co. Limerick. We cater for children aged from four years to twelve years.

Here at Caherconlish N.S., we work tirelessly to provide a happy, friendly, caring environment, where children feel secure and valued. The children who attend our school are encouraged to develop self-discipline and mutual respect for each other and for all adults, in an atmosphere that promotes learning and positivity, enabling children to reach their full potential.

We promote the development of cognitive skills such as evaluating, analysing and criticising in our daily activities. Our aspiration is to equip children to deal confidently with knowledge presented to them in a world in which they are exposed to a multitude of media on a daily basis. We constantly seek out interesting and stimulating initiatives for the children, in particular activities which provide active learning opportunities. We always encourage the children to try their best and not to be afraid of making mistakes.

We respect and acknowledge the very important role that our parents play in the education of their children, their involvement is consistently sought throughout the school as we recognise that it is this collaborative partnership between home and school which enhances the children’s education, welfare and social awareness.

We are grateful for the support of our parents and the wider parish community.