Vitruvian Man principal  – does height equal arm span and does length of shoulders equal one quarter of height.

5th & 6th class tested this out.

What fantastic costumes for our Halloween Cheerio Breakfast Day.

Maths Week is going well.

We were delighted to welcome Kate Heelan (past pupil), Meave McCarty, Caroline Hickey and Niamh Holland to school. They are part of the fantastic Junior Ladies football team who won another All Ireland for Limerick. Thanks to them for coming to visit with the cup!!

Literacy stations taking place in the Juniors and Seniors room today…Hugely beneficial as tasks are differentiated to meet the needs of every child and the children have the opportunity to work as part of a small group and independently also.

We were all busy doing lovely art on a wet Friday.

3rd & 4th class wrote about the visit from Sean Finn and the Liam McCarthy Cup!!

We had a fantastic morning welcoming the Liam McCarthy Cup. A special thanks to Sean Finn for coming with the cup. Thanks to all the parents who joined us in the celebration.



1st & 2nd class enjoyed a workshop learning about recycling. Thanks to Sarah for coming in.


Our Juniors and Seniors have settled in very well.


The new school mentors!


1st & 2nd class were busy drawing their Summer selfie pictures on our first day of the new School Year.


Yesterday was a very busy day: 5th & 6th class went on their school tour to Arnacrusha and Footgolf, the girls had a Blitz in Doon and Infants enjoyed reading outside in the sun.


We had a wonderful day at the recent Confirmation. Well done to all who helped on the day.


We had a busy week: the Book Fair arrived, 3rd & 4th class talked about the books they wrote and 1st & 2nd were busy looking after their plants!


Congratulations to 2nd class who made their First Holy Communion.


3rd & 4th made a periscope with Mr Ryan, followed by mirrored writing!


1st & 2nd class enjoyed their first day of Literacy Lift Off.


3rd class had a fun maths class baking buns using the recipe from their maths book! They are yummy!



1st & 2nd are very lucky to have Fergus Grant Stevenson, who is a local jewellery maker and silversmith, in to show them all about working with metals. This will continue for the next few weeks.