Active Flag

IMG_3792 activeflag

We are all busy working towards getting our first Active Flag. Below is a list of events happening:

  • FAI 5 a side tournament for boys and girls from 4th-6th class, taking place in March.
  • Sports hall athletics, which is a 6 week athletics programme in conjunction with Limerick Sport Partnership (LSP) starting soon.
  • A 4 week training programme, again with assistance from LSP, to prepare all pupils for the Great Limerick Run should they wish to participate. There will be an Active School week in April, more details to follow.
  • In May we will be taking part in the Fit Kids walking challenge, which will see teachers taking up challenges to walk specific distances of 10km – 21km.

In order to achieve the Active School Flag schools must begin by self-evaluating their current provision across PE, Physical Activity and Partnerships. They must then plan and implement improvements across all three areas that will have a real and tangible impact on their school community.

GAA Football, hurling and camogie and ongoing.

Last term we had Ed Hennessey in once a year teaching rugby, we had a rugby blitz in Bruff at the end.

2nd class getting ready for walking around the school 13 times = 1 mile!!