Post Office

Our infants classroom has turned into a post office this month. The Juniors and Seniors have been busy sorting and delivering post all over the school.

We spent time learning and discussing the steps in writing and posting a letter. We looked at all the items needed in a opost office and of course when writing a letter. Each day a group is in charge of sorting the post and there is a big waiting list of boys and girls who can’t wait to be a post boy or girl!

All the children love writing letters to their friends, teachers, brothers or sisters. Ms Cleary also loves this theme because the children are enhancing their writing skills. A post box has been placed in each classroom so the children love calling in with the daily post. 20160510_121034

On top of all this we invited our local postman, John, to call into our class and tell us about his job as a postman. We wrote up a list of questions for him and were amazed to find out that John has 600 houses to which he delivers post to. He also told us about how he became a postman, and yes, he has been bitten by a dog or 2 over the years! The class loved talking to John and we took a group photo to have and keep in our classroom.