5th and 6th class

We enjoyed making St Brigids Day crosses.

Experimenting with magnets in 5th & 6th Class.

5th & 6th class were busy making St Brigid’s Day Cross

Doing experiments and building towers

Great drawings:

Learning about the Chinese New Year, and making a dragon!

They had great fun learning about the Normans, Mexico and the Mayans.

Rotten recipes for Halloween

5th and 6th had great fun in PE. Stephen was the star!!

This month, Conor received a letter from his sporting hero, Colm Cooper aka The Gooch. Using Conor as our inspiration,

5th and 6th classes wrote letters to their sporting heros. We are hoping to hear back from them soon.

We brought in our most embarrasing photographs from when we were younger as part of SPHE class.dscf0956

5th & 6th learnt about plants in science this month. dscf0957We planted cress seeds(which we will be putting in our sandwiches soon!) and made petal suncatchers for art.

We illustrated comic strips in art and english class this month. It was great fun as we got to read comics in class:

5th & 6th learnt all about the Titanic