3rd & 4th class making electrical circuits to power lights, buzzers and motors.

3rd class had a fun maths class baking buns using the recipe from their maths book! They are yummy!

Some beautiful spring coloured patterns by 3rd & 4th class.

Making art masterpieces

The finished ‘chick-mobiles’

Busy making cars!

Learning about Road Safety.

Lovely art for the start of the new school year 2017/18


3rd & 4th class enjoying the School Book Fair…


Learning about Italy



3rd & 4th class made Christmas candles


Learning about 3D shapes in Maths helped them draw the pictures of the shapes in Art!


Writing Halloween poems


3rd & 4th class took part in a maths quiz as part of Maths Week


Enjoying playing volleyball


3rd & 4th class art


Science Show with 3rd & 4th Class

All the pupils enjoyed the experiments 3rd & 4th class were demonstrating.


1916 Museum


Seanfhocail for Seachtain na Gaeilge


2014_0611sciencerds0003 2014_0611sciencerds0001 rd 2014_0611sciencerds0002 Learning about Helen of Troy



The Bronze Age


2014_0609sciencerds0005   Art with 3rd & 4th Class

St Brigids Day